Centro Catalina is a recognized quality school with a unique learning experience situated in the most beautiful cities of Colombia: Cartagena de Indias and Medellín

A tailored
Spanish course

Plenty of
Activities to enjoy

Centro Catalina
An unique experience

Why Centro Catalina?

Students from all over the world visit us throughout the year to learn Spanish and to discover the wonders Colombia has to offer.

The founders of Centro Catalina are from Switzerland: all professionals who understand exactly what foreign students really need. They continuously monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality of service. The Centro Catalina team is composed of native Spanish teachers, all highly qualified and motivated.

Currently, Centro Catalina is the only school in Cartagena that can help you prepare for the DELE (Diploma de español como lengua extranjera) exam.

A Business School
in Colombia

IPSL Institute for Global Learning graduate programs in International Development & Service (IDS) and Community Organizing & Social Activism (COSA) are designed for individual who are committed to contributing to local and global communities through their leadership skills, personal involvement, and service to others.

Discover Centro Catalina's inspiring social work in Medellin, Colombia


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