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Our Courses

Our Spanish courses are a dynamic, multicultural mix of students of all ages from all over the world, including Australia, United States, Canada, Holland, Switzerland and Germany. Although the majority of our students are young adults, aged between 18- 35, we believe it’s never too late to start learning Spanish, and mature students are more than welcome to join us. 

Class sizes are small, with an average of 5-6 students per classroom (maximum 8), thus maximising the learning potential of every 50 minute class. Each course is divided into six different levels, from beginners (A1) to advanced (C2).

Students can also opt to take private afternoon classes, where the professor will curate a personalised programme that focuses on what you need to improve on. Private classes also give students the opportunity to focus on specific issues, such as business or medical Spanish. 

Entry Level Test

Before classes begin, all prospective students complete a short 20-30 minute writing and oral level test that helps us assign students to the best course and programme that matches their abilities. 

Language Proficiency Certificate and Report

At the end of the course, students will receive a language proficiency certificate issued by the school, as well as a personalised report outlining the course’s aims and student’s future objectives,  encouraging students to keep track of progress and continue learning after their time at the school.  

The Spanish courses

We offer Spanish classes for all levels and for your choice of duration.

1. Standard spanish course

20 lessons / week
Time schedule: 9:00am-12:40pm
Class size: 5-6 (max. 8)

2. Intensive spanish course

30 lessons / week
Time schedule: 9:00am-12:40pm / 2:00pm-3:40pm
Focus on: conversation practice during the afternoons
Class size: 5-6 (max. 8)

3. Combined spanish course (+5) / (+10)

Option 1: Combined + 5
20 group lessons + 5 private lessons /week
Time schedule: 9:00am-12:40pm / 1 private lesson per afternoon
Class size: 5-6 (max. 8)

Options 2: Combined + 10
20 group lessons + 10 private lessons / week

Time schedule: 9:00am-12:40pm / 2 private lessons per afternoon
Class size: 5-6 (max. 8) / 1:1 during the afternoons

4. Special program for Bildungsurlaub

35 lessons / week
Intensive course + 5 private lessons
Time schedule: 9:00am-12:40pm /2:00pm-3:40pm /4:00pm-4:50pm
Class size: 5-6 (max. 8) 

5. Preparation for the DELE exam

20 group lessons + 15 private lessons for DELE (1:1) / week
Time schedule: 9:00am-12:40pm / 1:1 DELE exam preparation during the afternoons (in consultation with school)
Focuse on: exam preparationClass size: 5-6 (max. 8) / 1:1 

6. Private spanish courses or professional spanish

10, 15, 20 or 30 lessons / week
Time schedule: during the afternoons
Focus on: adapted to the student’s needs
Class size: 1 

Fees 2018

Each course package includes:

  • Class materials
  • 3 weekly activities
  • Academic tutorials and conversation club (twice weekly)

Enrollment fee 60 USD


All our prices are in USD

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