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A nature’s treasure in the middle of the city

Are you a nature-lover? If you find yourself enjoying the beauties that nature offers around the globe, you will be delighted by the tropical, wild and exotic vegetation of Medellín. Green areas find a way to combine with the...[more]


5 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language, or maybe more than one, has probably been on your wish list. You know it is something that could benefit your life for different reasons, but a busy lifestyle have gotten in your way. I am going to...[more]


5 Reasons to Visit Colombia

If you are planning your next travel adventure, you are on the right track. Colombia is a great destination, and I am going to reassure you why. 1. The true wealth of Colombians Colombians welcome you with open arms and warm...[more]


10 Common Colombian Idioms for Sounding like a Native

Centro Catalina School

Idioms are part of every language and culture. Sayings, idioms or slangs are phrases, short sentences that simply enclose the result of experience and popular wisdom. They are usually unknown or anonymous as they have been spread...[more]